If you plan to bring a single rod, then the best choice is a 9-foot one for a 6-line, as it suits almost all fishing conditions. A good reel is also necessary with an extra reel for two lines, one for WF floats and one for ST or WF.

If you are a lover of the dry fly then you can add an 8 foot rod for a line 4 or 5 for the smaller streams. If, on the other hand, you prefer fishing with streamers, you can add a rod for a 7 or 8 line to launch larger flies with greater comfort.

Leaders of 9/12 feet and tippets 3x to 5x.

Do not forget the flies. Dried in sizes 10 to 16 like the Adams, Wulffs, Goddard Caddies, Humpy, Irresistible, Grasshoppers, they have to be in your box. Nymphs in sizes 6 to 14 like the Stonefly, Prince, Hare's Ear, Montana also have to accompany you.

Streamers? Bring them in sizes from 4 to 10: Olive and Black Buggers, Matukas, Muddlers.

The guides will provide you with some local designs, but we also suggest you deal with your favorites.

If you plan to travel in Spring or towards the end of the season we suggest a neoprene wader. For the summer (January and February) you can use a light wader. Wading boots with felt soles are also important.